All the features of virtual fitting in one application

All objects uploaded to the Vizbl service are available for viewing in the Android and iOS App

Replaces an entire showroom in a store

Show the customer the entire range of products without their physical presence

Bringing in clients

Assists salespeople in face-to-face meetings

It's a product showcase where a potential customer can find a product and go to your site to purchase it
In your pocket the opportunity to show the client the product from all sides in a personal meeting

Possibility to place the object on walls and ceiling

Trying on a painting, shelf or chandelier is not a problem - the app allows you to try on objects on any surface
You can compare objects to each other, or fill in the interior of an entire room

Simultaneous viewing of multiple objects

You can select the appropriate performance option and instantly see the result

Changing color and configuration during viewing

It's easy to find the product you want and go to try it on

Convenient search and catalog by category

Another customer on your site

Transition to website of the seller of the object you like

Basic virtual fitting capabilities work without an application
The Vizbl App is an additional free service for our partners
How Vizbl App Works